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Don’t let your Unused Diabetes Test Strips go to waste!  Get cash for them!

We will pay you up to $30 per box for Unused, Unexpired, Sealed boxes of Test Strips.

Mail them to us from anywhere in the U.S. and we will reimburse you for any shipping charges!

If you live in the Columbus, OH area we can arrange to pick them up from you and pay you on the spot!

Please see our FAQ’s page for complete details.

Cash For Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

Unlike many other diabetes supplies, diabetic testing strips are always left over and expire quickly. Resulting in an over supply of unused test strips. The real question is what can you do with these extra unused diabetes test strips that you cannot and will not use? Why not convert these strips into almost instant cash!

Unlike many other unused items in your medicine cabinet, you can find a small goldmine in unused, unexpired, sealed boxes of diabetes test strips. Why let them expire when you can let somebody use these strips to check their sugar levels and you can get up to $30 cash for each box. Don’t let these strips expire. Turn them into cash today! Please check the chart below for the exact prices we pay. If you don’t see your brand on the chart below just text or call us at 614-522-9095 or contact us using the form on our “Get A Quote” page and we can give you a quote for any particular brand within 24 hours. Usually much quicker.

All prices on the chart below are assuming the boxes of test strips are in sealed boxes, in excellent condition and have expiration dates at least 6 months out from today. What we can actually pay you may fluctuate due to condition of your boxes, expiration dates and market conditions.

For full size view just click on the chart.



Please contact us before mailing any boxes of test strips.

We cannot accept any strips that are provided to you through Medicaid or Medicare.

We only accept factory sealed boxes of test strips.

We cannot accept boxes of strips that are less than 3 months from expiring.

We can only pay half the price you see on the chart for strips that are 3 to 6 months from expiring.

Also, prices we quote will be reduced by 25% to 75% if the boxes of strips are damaged, written on, show severe signs of wear, have areas torn off due to tape, etc. when we receive them.  Please keep this in mind.

We do not purchase Lancets or Test Meters.

Again, we cannot accept any strips that are provided to you through Medicaid or Medicare.

Please contact us before you mail us any test strips so we may give you an accurate quote.

Please text or call us at 614-522-9095

Email us at: cashpaidforteststrips@gmail.com

Or use the contact form on our “Get A Quote” page

We also pay for referrals! See the details on our “FAQ” page.